Big Enzos Wedding Temp Art

Big Enzo’s Wedding

A middle-aged Italian-American man confronts his flaws, shortcomings, and family turmoil when he returns home for his father’s remarriage— to a man.

Victim No. 6

Victim No. 6

  Currently on the festival circuit! In 1975 New York City, a fun-loving woman out at her local bar invites…

House Broken short film

House Broken

A married couple’s difficulty potty training their reluctant 4-year-old puts a strain on their marriage… and their social lives. Directed…

Lunch Thief short film

Lunch Thief

An office employee is tired of having her lunch stolen from the break room refrigerator and seeks revenge on her…

Bennys Recital short film

Benny’s Recital

When young boy’s mother is too busy with work to come watch him perform in a piano recital at school,…

Dynamite music video


“Dynamite” Music video for Heather Brittain O’Scanlon, filmed and recorded at Terminus Studios and Atlantic Sound Studios, NYC. Artist: Heather…